Motherwellnet was created by two lifelong ‘Well fans Kevin Tweedlie and Stuart Barr. The website origins can be traced way back to the summer of 2000 when it went live on the web on the 22nd July after a Pre Season game vs Huddersfield at Fir Park. The internet was in the midsts of a boom at this time which saw Motherwell with a healthy presence online, the club did have an official website but the content was nominal, motherwellfc.org an unofficial fan website was number one for providing up to date news, match reports as well as some historical content and all the latest rumours from around Fir Park. There were many other fan websites such as Fir Park Corner, Virtual Fir Park, steelmen.co.uk, Motherwell Mania and the Exiles Club to name a few but most of these would disappear over the course of time and as of today there are only a handful of fan run Motherwell websites.

About Motherwellnet Motherwell Programme Featurette
‘Well on the Web review from Motherwell match day programme, 26th December 2000.

As we wanted to differentiate our website from the others the original website was actually called “The Greatest Motherwell Football Club Website on Earth Ever” – a very bold claim we know! The Motherwell match day programme had ran a feature called ‘Well on the Web where our site would get a mention in the 26th December 2000 edition vs Dundee, it was around this time we settled on a new name called ‘Wellnet with the full domain being motherwellnet.com.

We packed the original website full of tributes to recent ‘Well players to club legends and had over 100 pages of content, having found that many fellow fans enjoyed that type of content we decided our niche would be to stick to creating historical content and that we set out to make an ambitious project which would contain the complete history of Motherwell Football Club, so over the years we spent a lot of money on buying resources such as handbooks and programmes which were a vital source of information, this process was made so much easier when the likes of eBay came along. Countless hours were also spent researching and collating information as well as honing our web and graphic design skills.







Motherwellnet is a not for profit website, we do however accept donations in various forms. If anyone would like to make a monetary donation this would be used in helping maintain the website i.e. hosting or put towards buying various resources to enhance the website. We are also happy to take any unwanted Motherwell items whether thats programmes, handbooks, team sheets, ticket stubs the list is non exhaustive.

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Additional Credits

Alan Watson for providing us with some excellent professional images.
Andy Paterson for allowing us to use some of the great content he had on the old Exiles website.
Former players Jim Griffin, Willie Pettigrew, Joe Wark (also his wife Maureen) and Ian Kennedy for providing information for their profile or for providing information on there time at Motherwell.

(If we have accidentally omitted anyone from the credits, please let us know.)