6th April 1889



3 – 8


Saturday, April 6th, 1889
Dalziel Park. Att 5,000



None. None.

Red Cards
None. None.

Match Officials

Match Report

Excerpt from newspaper

For a considerable time before kick-off the touchline in Dalziel Park was blackened with spectators, and by the time the game started there were close on 5000 present. The Celtic centre puts the ball in motion, and for the first twenty minutes the play was pretty equal. The visitors then began to press their opponents, and having hemmed them in for a long time , scored their first goal. Within a minute thereafter they notched a second, and immediately a third followed. The Motherwell men then combined well and after a piece of careful passing they succeeded in running the leather through. before half-time, however, the Celts put on another point, and the teams crossed over:- Celtic, 4; Motherwell, 1.

The second half was characterised by close, neat passing on the part of the Celts, which completely baffled the Motherwell men, and evoked bursts of laughter from the hundreds of Hibernians assembled. The game was interrupted by Dolan being seized with cramp, and after a vain attempt to restore him he was carried off the field. Before time was called the Celts had raised their score to 8, the last goal being scored just at the sound of the whistle; while the Motherwell men increased their score by 2.

Full Time Result:- Celtic 8; Motherwell 3.