Thomas J. Quirk

Sergeant Major Thomas J Quirk served the club as vice-president, director and chairman before the First World War. Born in Hull in 1852, he was the son of a soldier, Thomas of course would serve during the Boer War. Following his discharge from the army he lectured on his travels in India, China and Egypt. He would go onto become the licensee of an Inn at 174 Windmillhill Street in Motherwell which is only a minute or so from Fir Park. Thomas was a sports fan who enjoyed Rugby and Cricket perhaps more than football, but he joined Motherwell Football Club as a committee member. By 1902 he was Vice-President and after the club became a limited company in 1905 he went onto become a director and subsequently the chairman. He was described as being a kind and courteous gentleman, with a splendid physique as well as sporting a typically military bearing. He died in a Glasgow nursing home in 1917 and he was buried in Motherwell’s Airbles Cemetery.