Up the Well

In the official match day programme as the side played host to St Johnstone on the 30th December 1967 an article was written on how the fans would soon be able to enjoy their ‘own’ club song.

The song was entitled appropriately enough “Up the Well” and it was written by Wishaw music teacher Bill Collins. It was recorded by Pye Records star Colin Stuart who at the time had been appearing in ‘Scotland the Brave’ at the Metropole Theatre Glasgow.

It was the famous Mike Sammes Singers that provided the vocal accompaniment and Tony Hatch did the necessary arrangements.

The song has since been updated on two occasions, in the 1990s a group of local musicians known as An Ugly Customer created a version and just before the 2018 Scottish Cup Final, The Banter Thief’s released their version which also had first team players providing vocals, this version of course performed well in the iTunes charts and appeared in both print and digital media across the world as it brought the club plenty of positive coverage.